Tips for Living on a Tight College Budget!

     With the semester coming to the end and not working since summer, I for one am on a tight budget. Once school is out for the Christmas break I will be back to working again. Although, until the holiday season comes around I will need to spend my money wisely. In fact, I am sure most college students are dealing with the same problem as I am.   

     This week I figured why not share some helpful money saving tips when living on a college budget. These are just a few tips that I find very useful:

• Eat at home whenever possible (try going out to eat only once a week)

• Don’t waste money at salons

 • Don’t waste your money on video games, DVDs and the casino ect

• Buy cheaper booze

• Take advantage of the student discounts around town

• Apply for a bridge card (only if money is tight when buying food)

• Use the SAC (opposed to going to a gym)

• Make your own coffee

 • Ask for CASH this holiday season

     Hopefully, these tips are helpful and will assist you to make it until the holiday season without becoming broke!



  1. Jamie Said:

    Good tips, but I’m not buying cheaper booze. Burnetts is terrible.

  2. Kelsey Avers Said:

    Hello! My name is Kelsey, and I am a journalism student at San Francisco State University that has been assigned to cover a beat on WordPress. I have chosen to focus on helping college students that are now living on their own to keep a clean, organized budget while still being able to eat well and buy (most of) the snacks and comfort foods they used to get all of the time when living at home! My blog is called “Sushi Taste on a Ramen Budget,” and I have added your blog to my blogroll! By doing this I hope that I can reach out to bloggers writing about similar topics to mine, get some feedback as well as give some in return! I look forward to getting to know you! My URL is:
    Have a great day!

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